Conducting program evaluations

  • Evaluation of Families Together Project
    WRI evaluated a three-year initiative funded by the U.S. Administration on Children, Youth and Families. The project was designed to empower families to take responsibility for their own service plans, expedite family reunification, and encourage adoption or guardianship. St. Christopher-Ottilie Services for Children and Families (now SCO Family of Services)
  • Evaluation of Adolescent AIDS/HIV Prevention Programs
    WRI assessed the impact of health education activities designed to reduce the risk of adolescents being infected with AIDS/HIV. The evaluation included surveys and analysis of fiscal data along with tabulation of health‑related outcome measures. AIDS Institute of the New York State Department of Health
  • Evaluation of School‑Based Health Clinics for Adolescents
    WRI evaluated a demonstration project that provided school-based health care for adolescents in medically underserved communities in New York City.WRI conducted a review at nine clinic sites that included a description of the students, the services they received, and an assessment of patient satisfaction. Another study, conducted five years later, focused on the impact of the clinics on student attitudes, behaviors, and specific health outcomes. New York State Department of Health