Collecting data for outcome measurement

  • Report on Efforts to Find Absent Fathers
    WRI administered a survey on the actions and strategies used by child welfare workers in their attempts to find absent fathers. The final report provided data on both New York City and New York State.Client: New York State Office of Children and Family Services
  • Technical Assistance to AIDS Network
    WRI assisted a network of AIDS services providers to develop program-specific Client/Resident Profile Reports. Data were collected from the client case records, and a standardized data collection instrument was used to record the information presented in the reports. Village Center for Care (VCC), New York City
  • Evaluation of Summer Internship Program
    WRI evaluated a summer internship program that gave high school students the opportunity to work in the construction industry. WRI’s study included an analysis of available descriptive materials, data collection and analysis of questionnaires completed by students and counselors, and interviews with key individuals involved in the oversight of the program. School Construction Authority