Assisting in quality improvement efforts

WRI has a long history of providing research support to public and private agencies. During its first two decades, the company established research institutes to study the effectiveness of human services projects. These included:

  • Developmental Disabilities Training and Research Center conducted projects such as a statewide study of programs for young children with developmental disabilities, the monitoring and development of a short-form screening instrument to identify children at risk for developmental disabilities, and an evaluation of deinstitutionalization activities in four states.
  • Public Employment Research Institute provided research and support services in a number of areas related to public employment. Topics included occupational safety, job sharing, performance evaluation, and factors in worker satisfaction.
  • Social Services Research Institute carried out short-term research on innovative social service practices in a number of areas such as day care, foster care, adoption, hospice care, and child protective services. The Management Transfer Project provided technical assistance in implementing best practices at local agencies and in 22 states.