Our Staff

Lead Writer/Instructional Designer

Shelly Rafferty is responsible for the consistency and accuracy of all WRI publications. She creates or edits articles, brochures, guidebooks, manuals, and reports on human services issues. She also edits funding proposals. To develop effective and compelling materials, Shelly works directly with clients to determine their needs and define their goals.

Shelly has spent nearly her entire career in the nonprofit sector as a writer, editor, publishing consultant, and instructional designer. She has designed training for professionals working in law enforcement, public health, medicine, child welfare, and many other areas. A keen editor, Shelly frequently applies her expertise to the work of academic, fiction, nonfiction, science, medical, education, and public policy writers. Her own work has appeared in magazines, books, newspapers, blogs, anthologies, academic and literary journals, and on book jackets, websites, and more.

Shelly holds a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction, an MA in German Literature, and is a recent graduate of the Biomedical Acceleration and Commercialization Center (BACC) at Albany Medical College.

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