Supporting foster families in building better futures for children and youth


The support of an "extended family"

FFNY team members help out wherever foster parents have a need. They may:

  • Provide a sympathetic ear
  • Assist with household maintenance and meals
  • Offer a night out to the foster parents
  • Help with transportation
  • Tutor children who are struggling in school
  • Help kids get involved in athletic and recreational activities
  • Mentor youth in life skills such as budgeting, job hunting, and housekeeping

The types of assistance are different for each family, based in the needs expressed by the foster parents.

Foster parents, volunteers, child welfare workers, and team members have seen positive results from the FFNY program, such as:

  • Foster parents' stress levels are significantly reduced.
  • Foster families are able to take and keep sibling groups together rather than dividing them among multiple foster homes.
Foster parents are have more time to work with children who have special needs.


Contact the FFNY Program Director for more information.