Supporting foster families in building better futures for children and youth


The challenge of foster parenting

There are more than 500 children in foster care in the Capital Region. They range in age from infants to young adults and come from a wide range of ethnicities and cultures. They are placed in foster care because, at least temporarily, they cannot live safely with their birth families.

Foster parents take children into their homes to give them stability and love at a crucial time in their lives. Some lose contact with friends and family because foster parenting is an all-consuming task. Former foster parents say they stopped fostering because they felt isolated and overwhelmed.

Community service groups in the Capital Region have responded to this need by sponsoring FFNY teams. Volunteers are trained and coached by FFNY Program Staff who:

  • Work with child placement agencies to determine which families will receive teams
  • Assess foster families for needs
  • Develop and maintain relationships with communities organizations
  • Recruit, train, prepare, and coach the volunteers
  • Facilitate monthly meetings between foster parents and volunteers
  • Advise, monitor, and troubleshoot to promote the process of trust-building


Contact the FFNY Program Director for more information.